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Car Key Extraction

If you have been using your car for a while, you should not be too shocked if it breaks in the door lock or ignition one of these days.

Your lock becomes unusable when this happens. The situation requires a key extraction and replacement.

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What Is Car Key Extraction?

Car key extraction describes the methods used to remove a stuck or broken car key from a door lock or ignition cylinder. This involves special extraction tools to ensure safe removal.

Why Do Car Keys Break?

Car keys break, and this is because of any of the following reasons:

  • Exerting physical pressure on the key
  • When you turn the key without fully inserting it into the ignition.
  • Electronic failure (transponder chip keys)

How to Handle Your Car Key Extraction Problem?

It is easy to understand your frustration over your broken key.

Regardless of how this might come across, you should stay calm in this situation. Worrying won’t help in any way.

Regain your composure and try the following methods to safely remove your broken key from the cylinder. 

Use a Broken Key Extractor Tool

This method involves using a broken key extractor tool to get your key out. You should find one in your local hardware shop.

  • You should first park your car and turn off the engine. 
  • Apply some lubrication to the lock cylinder.
  • Slide the key extractor tool into the lock cylinder. 
  • Ensure that the hook end is pointed up when you do this, and gently turn it toward the teeth of the broken key.
  • Pull out the tool slowly while attempting to hook a key tooth.
  • Keep pulling the extractor tool out until a part of the key emerges from the cylinder.

If the process doesn’t work the first time, try it again. The goal is to gradually pull out the broken bits of the key.

Use a Jigsaw Blade

Apart from the key extractor tool, a jigsaw blade is also excellent for getting your broken car key out of the lock cylinder.

  • First, lubricate the lock cylinder.
  • Slide the jigsaw blade into the lock cylinder with care. Make sure you reach the end and then turn it, trying to catch the blades on the key’s teeth.
  • Pull the jigsaw blade out of the lock after you feel the contact with the broken key piece.
  • Do this till a small part of the key comes out. 
  • You can now grab that small portion with needle-nose pliers and try pulling out the rest of the broken key.

Use a Thin Wire

Try a wire if you don’t have a key extractor tool or jigsaw blade. You just have to ensure that the wire is thin so that it easily enters the lock cylinder. It should also be able to maintain its shape as it goes in and out of the cylinder.

  • Spray some lubricant into the lock to reduce friction.
  • Bend the end of the wire into a small, firm hook.
  • Insert the wire into the lock with the hook pointing to the top of the lock cylinder.
  • Push it in till you feel the end of the cylinder.
  • Turn the wire toward the teeth of the key and try to catch it in the hook.
  • Slowly pull out the wire after it gets caught till a small part of the key emerges out of the lock cylinder.
  • You can now use needle-nose pliers to pull the whole thing out.

Call a Locksmith

The first three methods assume that you already have the tools mentioned, which is unlikely. Calling a locksmith is the best thing to do if you don’t have them. 

Remember not to try forcing the key out or use any other method that might damage your lock cylinder. This should help you avoid worsening an already bad situation.

You will need the services of a professional locksmith in the first three methods if you have to duplicate your key. It doesn’t matter if the key is in two pieces, they will be able to make another copy from the pieces. 

How the Locksmith Can Help with Your Car Key Extraction Problem?

Locksmiths can help you solve your car key extraction problem in the following ways:

  • Removing bent car key in the lock cylinder
  • Extracting a key from a rusty lock
  • Removing the key from a dirty lock
  • Freeing a key in a frozen lock extraction
  • Removing a broken key from the lock
  • Performing an inspection of the locks on the car

24/7 Mobile Locksmiths offers all the key extraction and inspection services above. 

How Much Does Car Key Extraction Service Cost?

Broken keys require extra labor to remove pieces from the lock cylinder. 

On average, locksmiths charge $50 an hour for their services. Key removal also costs a minimum of $35.

The cost of a car key extraction service varies depending on the situation. Travel costs, key types, and car models affect the charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The ignition is replaced only when it gets damaged in the process. This is why we advise that you call a locksmith if you don’t have the right tools. Damaging the lock cylinder can create extra costs. Our technicians have the tools and expertise to safely extract your keys from your car lock or ignition. You won’t need to replace them after.

Key extraction takes a couple of minutes if the locksmith is as skilled as our professionals. It always depends on the experience, skill set, and tools the person uses.

The best way to do this is to use the VIN number of the car which holds all information on the type of key, alongside the measurements of the grooves. With current technology, it takes only a few minutes for locksmiths to make a new key with a VIN number. Without the VIN number, the lock or ignition cylinder will have to be taken apart so the locksmith can use the grooves to make a new key. This method takes a lot of time and is more expensive.

Depending on the type of car and the key, you should estimate between $35 and $170 for cloning a car key. This cost does not include how much the locksmith will charge for their work. It only covers getting the material for cutting a new key and its programming if necessary.

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