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Car Key Cutting

As humans, we are prone to losing car keys and need to duplicate them at a point. This is when the complexity of the modern key is evident. There are different types of keys and duplication methods. The process now goes beyond cutting to involve programming.

This article explores available solutions if you need to cut a car key urgently. You have reached the end of your “car key cutting service near me” search online.

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What Is a Car Key Cutting Service?

A car key-cutting service describes professionals that can create replicas of your old car key regardless of the type and car model. 

Our service, 24/7 Mobile Locksmith, is a trustworthy car key cutting company ready to help you make a new key as soon as possible.

When Do You Need a Car Key Cutting Service?

What to Do If Your Car Key Is Broken?

When your car key gets broken in the door lock or ignition, you should use one of the methods below to solve the issue as soon as possible.

  1. Try using an extractor tool to get the key out.
  2. Use a jigsaw blade if you don’t have an extractor tool.
  3. Without any of the above tools, a thin wire should work.
  4. Call a locksmith if all these suggestions fail.

Why Choose to Go to a Locksmith?

Going to the car dealership may seem like the best option since they are experts in cars. It is better to go to a locksmith because car key cutting is a specialized area of your vehicle. The dealership may understand cars in general, but the locksmith is an expert in keys.

Getting a car key cut at a dealership is the most expensive out of all options available. They have no incentive to offer competitive pricing for this service since it is only a side issue in their business.

In comparison, a locksmith is the only car key cutting option that can provide you with every information you might require on the situation. The others lack knowledge about car keys and security to help you beyond cutting your key.

How the Locksmith Can Help with a Car Key Cutting Problem

A professional locksmith can help you cut a new car key without issues. Usually, they need the VIN number of your car or the old key so they can make a new one.

This is a more complicated process only necessary when you have misplaced the old key. The key cutting method is better if the old key is available. It is still possible even if the key is broken.

The locksmith uses the following steps to cut a new key:

  • Records the dimensions and grooves of the key
  • Choose the appropriate key material according to the car model
  • Cut the new key with the old measurements
  • Program the new key if it is necessary

It takes a few minutes with the type of key-cutting technology currently available.

Types of Car Keys According to How They Are Cut

  • Laser Cut Key

Laser-cut keys have a more complex shape. In this process, the cuts or dimples are usually done in the middle, not on the sides. Locksmiths use a laser to create dimples on the surface of the car key instead of a blade.

  • Mechanically Cut Key

Such keys have a series of unique cuts and grooves that match your ignition. The features are cut on one side of the car key and can only be inserted one way. They can easily be copied even without the old key.

In modern cars, cutting the key is not the end. After this process, locksmiths program them before they work for your vehicle.

How Much Does Car Key Cutting Service Cost?

The amount you pay for a car key cutting depends on factors such as the make of the car, its model, and manufacturing year.

After these, the locksmith checks whether your car key is a basic one or remote. The parts and tokens required for key programming also affect the cost of the service.

Finally, the availability of the old or spare car key will affect how much you have to pay. Without the original key, the locksmith has to do other things before cutting the key.

In programmable keys, an additional process is to delete the old key from the vehicle’s database so that it will no longer work with your car.

  • Between $1 and $4 for a basic door or car key
  • Between $3 and $10 for a decorative, basic door or car key
  • Between $50 and $175 for a chipped or transponder key

This is aside from the $50 average work cost for most locksmiths. The type of job and tools needed affects the total cost.

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Aside from car key extraction, our professionals can help you if you are locked out of your home or business center. We also offer consultations on how you can keep all these places more secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The ignition is replaced only when it gets damaged in the process. This is why we advise that you call a locksmith if you don’t have the right tools.

Our technicians have the tools and expertise to safely extract your keys from your car lock or ignition. You won’t need to replace them after.

There is no need to replace the lock on your door if it is in perfect condition. That is why we emphasize that you call a locksmith as soon as possible when you are locked out, break your key, or lose them. You damage your door when you try to access your car using unsafe methods.

Every situation is different. To best answer this question, the locksmith has to first make an assessment of the job. Factors such as experience and tools affect how much time an extraction will take.

Averagely, key extraction takes a couple of minutes if the locksmith is as skilled as our professionals.

Spare keys come in handy when you lose your original key. Although this may seem like a good idea, it requires that you keep it very safe since it enables another person to use your car. The better option is to store information that simplifies the duplication process.

You can’t start your car with a broken piece of your key in the ignition. This doesn’t mean you should try everything to get it out. 

Without the proper skills and tools, you should call an auto locksmith as soon as possible. They can help you get it out without causing damage.

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